Who we are

Church can be a little menacing. We’re here to remind you that church is human. Take a minute to get to know us and what we are excited about!

Why we’re here

Our mission is to live passionately for Christ and to share this extraordinary life with others.

Eli Shackleford- Lead Pastor

Eli pursues living to the fullest in every area of life. As a caring pastor, enthusiastic husband/dad, and avid outdoorsman, Eli engages in all of his passions without reservation. He wants to invite everyone into the adventures that are faith, friendship, and the great outdoors.

Eli has been the lead pastor at Cornerstone since 2015, working to minister to the congregation and have an impact on the local community. He loves to share the Word on Sundays and get nerdy about theology. Even more than that, he loves to minister to the community around the church in Midvale and in the greater Salt Lake area.


Andrew Block-Associate Pastor

Andrew is a true extrovert; he has a singular interest in meeting people so that he can get to know them and care for them. He tries to spend all of his time with his family and friends, playing board games, enjoying the outdoors, cooking and eating, or talking philosophy.

Andrew joined Cornerstone as Associate Pastor in Spring 2021, helping with communication, preaching, and music. He seeks to engage with the congregation in conversation to develop relationship and provide care. He is under Eli’s tutelage in the hopes of serving God and His people more effectively.


What We Believe

The Bible is the unique word of God. It is inspired, infallible, and all sufficient. It is God’s written communication to us and has authority over how we think, act, and speak.

Jesus is the Unique Expression of God. One person, existing in perfect unity with God the Father and the Holy Spirit as the one tri-une God. Jesus is the clearest expression of God’s heart for us and the only way into new life and relationship with God.

The church is the unique vehicles for God’s mission.  Jesus came to start a movement where Gods will and ways could be lived out and practiced in the context of community. That movement is known as the church and is Gods hope for the communication of His message and the practice of life as He intends it to be lived.

People are the unique bearers of God’s image. Gods intent is to restore relationship with people living under the weight of sin, rebellion, and brokenness. God has utmost regard for people. He searches for, rescues, and restores them at highest cost to Himself. Those that have received life from Him, joyfully join in the search for others at cost to ourselves.


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SUnday services

Online 9:00 AM

In Person 11:00AM

our location

7762 700 W, Midvale, UT 84047